Album Aanaa Dobara
Artist Adhoupe Gupte
Year 2004
Genre Pop Songs


Hiphop Mahive Remix Lyrics | Adhoupe Gupte

If you want to be a popstar bollywood
You got to dress like a fool from hollywood
What you know about the music doesnt matter a lot
But you got to look sexy hip and hop [x2]
Hindi bolna haai toh firangi bol
Sing whatever you want but with the dhol
You want a hit song there is a simple way
Start the you want but end with maahive maahive

When your song is a hit you get a lot of shoes
What you do there actually nobody knows
They pay for singing and ask you to mime
Not singing is ok but no dancing is a crime
Theres a musical cheer with no musicians
When half naked chicks show temptations
You want a hit show there is a simple way
Start the way you want but end with maahive maahive

If you speak like a good its a style adude
If you are moody and rude its very good
Tum din ko raat kaho toh raat hain
You will fought in mind to say kya baat hain
When they put you there you gez as long you see
Your name would change and then end with g
You wanted to follow whatever you say
Start the way you want but end with maahive maahive

And you realize your son is zole
Your music under access is not being sold
Popstar bollywood some one new
And the lifetime achievement award is for you
Get it go go go
Dont worry just chill you have done a lot
Just forgot to make music but so what
So you wanna stop there is a simple way
Care f... all the rules and listen maahive
Maahive - 4


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